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Sell handmade soap and candles / Become an Agent

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Become an agent.

earn extra cash by selling handmade soap and candles as an agent or by party plan.

20, 40, 60, 80 or even more. That's how much you could earn in one evening by holding a soap and candle party for your friends.

We could all do with some extra cash from time to time so what better way could there be than to earn it while you do something you really enjoy?

Selling handmade soap and scented candles can be rewarding and enjoyable and you don't have to have a big organisation to do it! Agents come in all shapes and sizes including mums selling to friends and family, hairdressers, flower-shops, shops  and party plan.

Many people enjoy making money by organising a small group of family, friends and neighbours and selling things that people want and appreciate. Soap and candles are the perfect combination and practically sell themselves.

They also have that magic ingredient most desired when selling something.... they are consumables! The advantage of this is that you can organise exactly the same group of friends 3 months later and re-sell all over again.
Cardiff Area Only

Assisted Party Plan

If you live in the Cardiff, South Wales area, we can help you to set up your own Soap & Candle Party.

We supply the stock.

You must have a guest list of at least 25 people.

Contact us to find out more.

DISCOUNTS. Whichever method of selling suits you best, you can maximise your profit by buying from us direct using one of two discount methods. For large quantities of a single item you can use the standard discount system open to everyone. For small quantities of multiple items then use the AGENTS DISCOUNT where the size of your discount depends on the value of your order. Choose the one that best suits you at the time. Both make generous returns and means that you could easily make 40, 50 or even more per week or at every party you organise.

There are no sales targets, no minimums or maximums, or pressures to sell more or hold parties. No pyramid scheme or multi level management. It's all controlled by you.

What are your costs? In order to start selling or hold a party in the first place you must have a small stock of goods to show your customers. In common with most other sales plans you must buy these items directly from us at the wholesale discounted rate first. All items are only partially wrapped so your customers can feel and smell the items and enjoy the fragrance before they buy.

How does it work? Most people find it fairly easy to sell to friends and family or organise a party but then get bogged down in the paperwork afterwards. We want to make it easier for you than that. We want you to be able to concentrate on selling and not admin!

selling handmade soap To make money from selling handmade soap and candles:
1. Register with us.
2. Buy your stock from us at a generous discount rate.
3. Sell it at the RRP.
How and where you sell is entirely up to you.

That is all there is to it. Easy! All you need is a computer connected to the internet, a printer and an urge to make money and your up and running! All the forms you need are available online (along with self print pricelists and invites) and your agents discount is applied automatically when you order (You'll need to login).

Important! It is best to point out now that most things you sell will be handmade and there are two important things you and your customers need to know:
1. If we are not holding stock then the lead time can be as much as 3 weeks, especially if its a soap as it has to set and cure before it can be sold.
2. The colours and scents may not be exactly the same as your sample due to age, handling and differing batches.
Always check stock online and advise your customers well in advance if there is to be any delay.

If you have reached this point and you are still interested in selling our handmade soap and candles then simply register your interest online now. Agent Registration

Places are carefully monitored so that there are not too many agents in a particular geographical location. Agents can include shops, beauty salons, hairdressers or any appropriate retail outlet...