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Here you will find the jewellery of Archie McBrain.

Elaines Bracelet Bar

Handcrafted Bracelets and Bangles using various beadweaving techniques. Suitable for all occasions.

Steampunk Metal Craft Lamps

One of steampunk’s great advantages is that the design is never the same and it is inspired by our own imagination..

sweet flossies

I like colourful and quirky items and working with chain and beads. I have been selling my pieces on my ebay store with...


Paintings, jewellery, cards and other crafty gifts

Artizan Studio

Horses, Unicorns, Angels, Standing Stones, Landscapes and Skyscapes, youll find them all here on my site. Enjoy.

Jeans Gems

The jewellery that I handcraft are simple, fun, elegant and affordable. These jewellery pieces are made using semi-preci...

Any seller on MyOwnCreation can now have their very own shop with a unique URL (website address) absolutely free.

Any item added will appear in the shop immediately and without any further action from the seller..

To get your FREE online art and craft shop
    1. Log in or sign up to become a seller.
    2. Go to the SHOP area of the Your Details page in the Control Panel
    3. Complete the shop details and tick the box. Your shop is now created.

To populate your art and craft shop
    1. Buy some credits or upgrade to SELLER PRO
    2. Go to Add Item in the Control Panel to tell us about your item. That's it!
    3. All LIVE items are automatically added to your shop.

Fully customizable content

Instantly up-dated

Free to all registered sellers

Search engine friendly

Limited styling changes (optional extra) to suit your shop. (Contact us direct).

Here are some questions that have already been asked about setting up a MyOwnCreation Shop online:

Q. I have a MyOwnCreation Shop but why doesn't it appear in this list??

A. We now have so many shops that we can't possibly show them all in this slot. To appear on the left you must 1. Have a shop logo and, 2. Have more than 2 items in your shop. Shops without a shop logo appear at the bottom of this page in text form so that search engines may still be able to find them.

Q. Do all my personal details get shown on my shops web page?

A. No. We only display the details in a similar way to the view an item page.

Q. I have created my shop but I can't add items. Why?

A. You must buy some credits in order to add items. Listing items costs from 10p per month and there is no commission on sales.

Q. I see that it mentions that this is a BETA version. What does that mean and will it harm my own PC if I set one up?

A. Beta generally means that the site or software is functioning but needs testing and fine tuning. If it were software installed on your own PC then it might cause some problems to you but as this is a website and NOT installed on your PC then it is highly unlikely to cause you a problem.

Q. Are all my listings safe?

A. Yes. We are merely creating another page with your listings information contained within it in the same way as it might appear on our front page from time to time.

Q. I have filled in the SHOPS TERMS field but it doesn't appear on my page. What happened to it?

A. The problem is that there was an empty line added to the end of that field and our little popup can't cope with it. We are working on it but for now, please try not to add an extra line feed at the end of any field.

Q. How does the new Fan Base work?

A. The Fan Base is a really simple tool to keep track of your fans and who you are a fan of. Fans don't have to be sellers on MyOwnCreation to become a fan of that page. Just click the 'Be my fan' button. You can only do it once though! If you are a seller on MyOwnCreation then then you can keep track of how many pages your are a fan of by being logged in when you visit a shop page and become a fan. This area will be developed further in the future but for now, that's it.
Fleece And Feather Gifts 12 items 

Casa Jas 17 items 

SoloGB 19 items 

P. A. M. Creations 7 items 

Realpebble 2 items 

Elaines Bracelet Bar 6 items 

Steampunk Metal Craft Lamps 2 items 

sweet flossies 42 items 

Tirastan 87 items 

Artizan Studio 7 items 

Walkies In Style 5 items 

CreativMichelle 3 items 

Crayonkraft 8 items 

Jeans Gems 16 items 

Soapkraft 51 items