UK Craft Fair Diary

UK, Ireland & Europe Craft Fairs and Events Calendar 2016

Find your local Art and Craft Fair or Event.

Use this Craft Events Calendar to find art & craft events near you. It is also very useful to find tables at craft fairs so that you can sell your own handmade items.

Who can list in the Craft Events Calendar?

Anyone, just as long as it is in UK, Ireland or Europe and the event is for Art, Craft, Photography, pottery, sculpture, card making or any other crafting or handmade activity. Add your Art or Craft Events here.


Welcome to the MyOwnCreation Craft Events Calendar for 2016

This service is open to anyone organising or attending a Craft Fair, class, workshop or event.

All events also appear on our Twitter and Facebook pages,

UK Craft Fairs 2016 (mobile) and and

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Please Print Free, low impact prints to display and distribute at your Craft fair.

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